The 3rd annual L.A.M.P event will be Friday, October 4, 2013. 

New Haven’s creative corner flipped the switch on October 14th, 2011 during the annual City-Wide Open Studios, for the first LAMP (Light Artists Making Places) event. Project Storefronts locations, Ninth Square artists, merchants, and residents showcased light projections taking place outside that included dance and music performances in the tradition of the “nuit blanche” (French for “white night” or “sleepless night”) . LAMP is New Haven’s own brand of this global network of locally organized festivals that extended the celebration of New England’s largest open studios event produced annually by Artspace. LAMP included over 30 artists in 10 sites in a two block radius each hosting a unique multi-media installation. Local merchants and residents along the route also participated and showed their support by shining a light and staying open.

Local artists used a range of devices from flashlights, viewfinders, slides, dead and vintage technologies to cutting edge light sources and solar installations merged with dance, music and performances exploring light. In addition, The Stepkids performed at Cafe 9 delivering a fusion of punk, jazz, West African traditional, 1960’s folk, neo and classical soul, classic funk and 20th century classical. Think T.Rex meets Sun Ra. Live, kaleidoscopic projections by NYC artist Jesse Mann consumed the stage with light for a multi-sensory experience.

LAMP was conceived and directed by Paul Mayer, owner of Cafe 9- known throughout the region as the “musicians living room” where local and nationally renowned musicians and artists perform.

Cafe 9 has long acted as a cultural catalyst for New Haven, producing events with neighborhood artists such as Robert S. Greenberg, a NY/CT based fine artist who, with his father, runs the ACME Furniture Co., the oldest original remaining business in the Ninth Square. Greenberg is working on a colossal projection event that will span the nine squares of New Haven, entitled “New Haven Images: Then, Now and the Future.” Highlights from this project will be showcased as part of Cafe 9’s light team which also includes Channel 1’s Lou Cox, store owner and a cultural contributor to the Ninth Square.

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Ecstatic Reflection: DJ Hu Man + DJ Damir

Yale Konjo West African Dance Troupe

Soul Seasons: Holly Danger

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