Are you a creative entrepreneur? If so, Project Storefronts wants to help you start your business!

Project Storefronts is an award-winning program created by the City of New Haven Department of  Arts, Culture and Tourism and the office of Economic Development that brings fresh, innovative arts-related businesses to life in formerly empty retail spaces around New Haven. Conceived as a way to energize some of New Haven’s commercial areas while enhancing the city’s standing as the “Creative Capital of Connecticut.” Project Storefronts works with “creative entrepreneurs” to transform vacant storefronts into places that attract shoppers and potential tenants while increasing area foot traffic. Project Storefronts negotiates with property owners for access to empty retail spaces.

These spaces are then provided via a competitive application process to budding entrepreneurs, allowing them the opportunity to test the viability of new, innovative business and retail initiatives while also educating them about what it takes to be a successful businessperson. Project Storefronts has received national and international press coverage for its breakthrough new concepts.

To apply to Project Storefronts, Click Here

MAIL to Dept. of Arts, Culture and Tourism ATTN: Project Storefronts 165 Church St. 6th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510